„Nendre“ has been one of the first organisations in Lithuania to adopt the Equal Opportunities Methodology in working with children and youth. The staff members regularly take time for self-reflection and analyze their behavior, communication and emotional response in terms of gender equality. While creating playing spaces and selecting learning materials and  literature, teachers seek to foster values and attitudes that are free from prejudices and gendered stereotypes.

Equal Opportunities in Education means:

  • Every child is respected as a unique personality;
  • Children‘s education is organized in a way that encourages their involvement in all types of activities, without making a distinction between "girly" or "boyish";
  • A supportive and open group environment promotes creativity, imagination and exploration;
  • Children learn from each other and together with others, choosing their friends and activities on the basis of common interests rather than gender;
  • The voice of each child is heard in the group;
  • Children and adults are equal partners;
  • Children are not restricted by adult stereotypes.

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