Mission & Goals

Our mission is to provide parents and children with a safe and secure everyday life and the possibility to keep together as families.

Our goals:

  • To prevent social isolation and marginalization of vulnerable families;
  • To support families in overcoming crisis situations;
  • To ensure healthy intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of children;
  • To prevent different social risks among children (early school leaving, delinquency, destructive behavior, bullying, harassment etc.);
  • To promote positive parenthood skills;
  • To prevent family violence and abuse of children;
  • To strengthen family relations and emotional stability of family members;
  • To support the integration of unemployed parents into the labor market;
  • To strengthen self-respect and self-awareness among parents and children;
  • To challenge traditional gender roles and patriarchal gender stereotypes;
  • To promote creativity and innovative thinking among children and adults;
  • To promote volunteering, solidarity and community spirit.